Popular Features of Bulk Email Senders

Nowadays, email marketing is a great way to reach out the customers. But what if you have more than 10,000 subscribers? You can’t send them email individually. That’s where the bulk email marketing comes in. As the name suggests, you can send the same email to a larger number of people in just one click.

Email marketing is becoming a major trend in marketing approaches and according to the reports, 31% of marketers use email marketing to promote their businesses. Email marketing has created a revenue of about 10.89 billion in 2023 and is expected to increase up to 17.9 billion in 2027. While 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their customers. Also, 87% of the brands think that email marketing is important to stay competitive in the market as per the litmus reports

Bulk email marketing is of four types i.e. newsletters, acquisition emails, promotional emails, and retention emails. There are two ways to send bulk emails. One is legitimate bulk emails and the other one is unsolicited mass emails. It is a good idea to connect with a larger audience. 

Bulk email marketing is a challenging task but not impossible. However, there are many bulk email senders available in the marketing. 

In this article, we will discuss the bulk email sender features. There are many important points that an email sender should keep in mind like they should send emails to subscribers only, adding a new IP address, including an unsubscribe link, personalization, and many more. Now, let’s have a look at some of the important features bulk email sender online.

Analytical Tools 

If you want to know whether your bulk email marketing campaigns are succeeding or not. Or whether they will work according to the strategy. Then, the bulk email sender should have a dashboard with analytical tools. 

These service providers should have a dashboard with detailed email marketing and real-time analytics. These tools provide you with the metrics of your choice like open and bounce rate, CTOR, CTR, and spam rates. 

With the help of these advanced and analytical tools, you can see the success of your campaign. These analytical tools provide you with customer data by which you can make better decisions and grow your email marketing according to your strategy.

Tracking of User Behavior 

User behavior tracking tools is the great bulk email sender tool. You can make and update your strategy and analyze the decisions based on user behavior. This will help you to find out whether this user will respond to the email or not. 

You can collect qualitative and quantitative data of the users in order to find out how the users are reacting to your products and emails. It is one of the key features that bulk email senders should have. 

Email Segmentation and Personalization 

According to the reports, 71% of the customers would like to see personalized content and 76% of the customers don’t appreciate the content without user personalization. It is a great way to attract the customers. 

Customers would like to see the reviews of other clients about your product. Both segmentation and personalization are quite similar and important in bulk email marketing. 

According to the reports, personalization can increase the revenue of the campaign by up to 760%. Also, you can segment your customers on the basis of their geographical locations, behaviors, purchase history, age, preferences, and type of clients. This segmentation and personalization will boost the bulk emailing campaign. 

A/B Testing 

One of the features of bulk email senders is A/B testing. It is one of the great ways to find out what a sender can do to improve his email strategy. This A/B testing will help the business to find out whether their content is inclined with the targeted audience or not. 

This tool helps the senders to test different elements to make the best combinations, like subject lines, CTA buttons, body texts etc. With the help of this tool 105, 553 emails were sent successfully and 14,660 were opened as per the reports of Sputnik

Automatic Bulk Email Throttling

With the help of this approach, the senders are able to find the number of emails your contacts are getting in a day. If a large number of emails are sent to the same user they can be reported as spam by ISP. 

For this reason, bulk email sender uses ESPs limit or throttle to limit the number of emails sent to the customer. This feature helps to increase email delivery and reduce the number of emails that can be sent to the spam folder by the receiver. 


In bulk emailing, you have to send emails to hundreds or even thousands of customers. If you do it manually it would take forever to be done. So, this feature of automation enables bulk email senders to send the emails automatically to thousands of customers. 

It is also becoming the major email market trend and the report shows that it has generated revenue of 4.93 billion in 2023 and is predicted to increase up to 11.25 billion in 2031. 55% of US marketers are already using automation as their bulk email-sending service. 

With the help of automation, the old template disappears and the new one shows with just one click in your ESP. 

Smart Send 

Another important feature bulk email sender is a smart send option. This allows you to resend the emails to those senders who never open the email. By doing this, your bulk email open rate would gradually be increased. 

Also, with the smart send you can send the emails to the users at a particular time when a user usually checks his email. This will also increase your email open rate. 

This feature is considered to be an important tool and all the bulk email senders should have this option. This also allows you to schedule multiple options for different users according to their preferences. 

Drag and Drop Functionality 

If you want to create a simple email and send it to hundreds of customers, then this feature is best for you. Drag and drop will allow you to send bulk emails more simply and save you a ton of nerves and time. 

The email editor should be based on drag and drop editor because it is extremely easy to learn and doesn’t require much expertise. But before choosing a tool, a sender should test it first and ensure that it will fulfill all the requirements of your bulk email campaign.


These were some of the famous bulk email sender features. Since the growth and success of developing companies depend on email marketing strategies, they should choose the bulk email sender with the features listed in this article. These tools will help to increase the flexibility and success of your newsletters and promotions. 

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