Bulk emails refer to sending a single email to a large group of recipients. Usually, this is done to advertise a product or service that the recipients might find useful and interesting. Sometimes this activity is also referred to as mass email marketing.
Unlike other mass email marketing services, our tool has an extremely stringent criteria for suspending any account. This means it’s highly unlikely your account will get suspended. We don’t penalize you for repeatedly performing mass email campaigns or using the tool more frequently. Rest assured, you can conduct seamless and uninterrupted email marketing through our service.
You need a bulk email service to send emails of this volume. Such a tool would allow you to create separate email lists, categorize different recipients and market your products or services to them. It’s important to note that performing this activity without any tool is extremely difficult and can result in your email account being suspended.
We put clients at the center of our operations. This means making sure your emails are delivered to your desired recipients is our first priority. Email Bulk Sender empowers businesses to organize uninterrupted email campaigns without the worry of deliverability issues and account suspensions. Our solution has been created by marketers to resolve difficulties that marketers often face when using emails as a promotional channel.

With EmailBulkSender, you can do much more than simply send an email to thousands of people at once. You can use this tool to create different segments of customers, conduct strategic retargeting campaigns and track customer behavior through analytical reporting. In other words, we are much more than a mass email service. We are a holistic marketing solution that will play a significant role in your growth as a business.

The basic plan of EmailBulkSender includes 2000 free emails with no daily limitations. You can use these emails in a day or stretch their usage through a month. With our free email marketing services, you get email support and features like campaign creator and analytics. You can also schedule and design emails through our free package.

It costs $10 to deliver 10,000 emails through our mass email sender. There’s no daily limitation with this package. You can send all of these emails in a day and spend an additional $10 for the same deal, if your campaigns yield good results.
A DNS record provides necessary information such as the mail server’s IP address to help the receiving server locate and verify your email server. This ensures the email is delivered and does not end up in the spam folder. Without a DNS record, your emails may face delivery challenges and potential rejection by receiving servers.

Having a dedicated IP while sending emails improves your deliverability exponentially. It gives an exclusive identity to your emails and decreases your chances of being blacklisted because you don’t share an IP address with businesses who might be spamming inboxes of different customers.

You can check opens, bounces and link clicks through this tool. We will create a detailed report of every campaign you will conduct, which will include charts and diagrams explaining how well your campaign has performed. This will help you craft your future email advertising strategy.

EmailBulkSender allows you to send 5000 emails for only $5. Beyond that, there’s no daily limitation on these emails. We provide unlimited email to unlimited contacts, which means you can seamlessly scale your outreach efforts without any restrictions on the number of recipients.

An email design tool allows you to design visually-appealing and responsive email without any extensive knowledge of coding. It lets you add and arrange text, images and buttons through a drag-and-drop interface. We offer this tool without any additional cost to businesses who purchase our service.

You can schedule emails through a bulk email sending service. You can determine at what date and specific time your customers will receive the emails. Businesses can also create different lists based on time-zones and customize scheduling to make sure recipients in different regions receive your emails at the most opportune time.

According to studies, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect $30-40 in return. For this reason, this mode of promotion has become an almost $9 billion dollar industry. Companies invest heavily into email campaigns to acquire new customers, win back old ones and increase the awareness of their brands.

Yes. Our free users can drop an email to receive guidance. Meanwhile, Standard subscribers can use the live chat option to resolve their queries in real-time. Premium users will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will address their concerns through call.

You can purchase additional emails by heading to the pricing section, adding more emails to your cart, and then finishing the purchase.